Steady Flow of Plumbing Business with Social Media

Maintain a Steady Level of Plumbing Business by using Social Media

Use Social Media for a steady Flow of Plumbing Business!

The new form of advertising in plumbing, social media is a vital part of your business success.  Here are some tips to make your plumbing advertising campaigns successful so that you maintain a steady level of business all the time:

Steady Flow of Plumbing Business with Social MediaGet Started!

A rolling stone gathers no moss and you aren’t gathering any new business from plumbing social media until you get started. So create your social media accounts and make commitments to do regular posts.  They don’t have to be complex every time.  In fact, 9 out of 10 posts could just be photos with a quick caption.  If billions of people worldwide can do it, so can you.

Stick to Your Commitment

Committing some time to maintain your plumbing social media will pay off in the long run.  If you make a Facebook page or a blog and then abandon it, it looks bad to your viewers and makes your company look a bit disorganized.  So commit to an amount of time that you can dedicate to it, and stick to it.  Make posts often and do not stop posting. 

Be the Go-To Plumbing Company

Positioning yourself as the expert plumber in your city via social media means that people will keep coming back to you for information and they’ll remember your name when they need a plumber. So offer tons of free information.  Share freely with your potential clients how they can do minor repairs on their own and when they need a licensed plumber, they’ll think of you first. 

Think Global Not Local

Don’t focus all of your posts directly at a local audience.  Remember, sharing goes around.  Even if someone across the world shares your post, it will be shared and shared again and will eventually come back around to the people that really need to know your name. 

Mix It Up

Post photos, videos, information and links to other posts.  Even sharing the posts from your competitors and giving them a shout-out can gain you followers.  Ultimately, followers are the end game with plumbing social media, so keep it interesting.

Make it Mostly Informative

You can follow the business rule of 80/20.  Make 80 percent of your content free information and only 20 percent (or less) gratuitous advertising.  Not only does this keep people engaged it also silently invoke the rule of reciprocity.  You give them free info and they feel obligated to give you their business when the time comes – this is the new-age version of giving someone a free pen.

Get more followers and then up the ante by doing promotions, “Follow to Win” contests or other things to get your followers involved.  Ultimately the way this works is by gaining followers so always keep that in mind as you post.     



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  1. Steph Riggs
    Steph Riggs says:

    The development of a business depends upon the success of its marketing on different platforms. For the success of social media marketing, content is like lifeblood and business owners need to post it regularly. Giving up this habit will resulted in no traffic which definitely means failure in meeting the business targets. Your tips are pretty awesome for plumbing business owners to engage people on social media and get more traffic which will lead to business development.

  2. Emit Smith
    Emit Smith says:

    I’ve loaded your site in 4 totally different browsers and I must say your blog loads a lot quicker then most. Would you mind e-mailing me the name of your hosting company? I will even sign up through your affiliate link if you would like. Bless you


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