Content for your Plumbing Website

Content to Add or Keep Off Your Plumbing Website

Content to Add or Keep Off Your Plumbing Site

Content for your Plumbing WebsiteIf you’re looking to create a better plumbing website that draws your potential clients in and makes them more prone to calling you and scheduling a job, here are some examples of things you may be doing that are making your potential customers hit the back button.

Sounds and Photos

Nobody likes auto-sounds that attack their ears unexpectedly, and the first reaction for many potential customers is to simply close the window.  For things that need sound, use the “turn sound off” option or require the viewer to actually hit “play.” 

Be sure to compress your photos so that they don’t make the viewer wait while they load.  That is a sure way to lose someone.  To have a better plumbing website, assume your readers could be lost in less than a second – you have very little time to grab their attention and waiting to load anything will lose them. 


Pop-ups for email list signups can actually be a good thing.  Lightboxes that pop-up and gray out the background can be effective.  It’s a good idea to use these sparingly and test their effectiveness.

Look and Style

These are just old-fashioned and they take too long to load.  Look at the simplicity used on all the big sites, especially Google and you’ll see the minimalist style that’s preferred today. This simple style gives the impression of a better plumbing website.  Keep your pages short and sweet to avoid the reader using their mouse.  Every time they touch the mouse, there’s a risk they’ll click out of the site.  Be sure text is large enough and all links are consistent.

Navigation and Links

Make your site easy to figure out.  A consistent look on each page and a navigation bar on top go a long way in helping your viewers figure out how to find information they need.  Hyperlinks within text look spammy to readers.  Make the links open in new windows and you’ll keep readers on your site longer.  Be sure there are easy to find links to your home page on all other pages. 

Contact Info

The most important thing on your site is the contact info – be sure it’s always easy to find.

Final Points

Original content will always get you better rank in search engines, so do not copy your information from any other source!  Always check your site thoroughly with a test drive and use broken link checker tools.


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