Plumbing Customers or CLients

Call them Clients instead of Customers

Plumbing Customers or CLientsCall them Plumbing Clients instead of Plumbing Customers

You may not know this, but the type of words that you use in your business can have a dramatic effect, and even though you might not think there is much of a difference between using ‘customer’ and ‘client’, their usage can make a difference. In this article, we are going to look at how using the word, ‘client’ is a much better choice of word than ‘customer’. Of course, you may already being calling them ‘clients’, but reading this article will explain why you do.

Why it is Important to Distinguish between Client and Customer

Simply put, a ‘customer’ is a person who merely purchases a product or service from you, and this may be more than once, or simply a one-time deal. However, a ‘client’ is someone who tends to build a closer relationship on a business level with you, and they become dependent on your business in order to meet their particular needs.

As you can see, this closeness in your business relationship means that you end up respecting them more, and don’t just see them as a potential sale, but rather as a person who you wish to help. You will also see the benefit that they give to your business, and you will value them as an asset, because without them, your business would struggle.

The word, ‘client’ is one that you need to use at all times, even when you are not actually engaging with them, but merely talking to your employees and staff. It is vital that everyone employed in your organization understands to use the correct term and why this is so important.

This simple change in your strategy will assist you with getting to know the power of subtle changes, and how they can be so effective in enhancing your business. As soon as you realize that making use of a specific word is actually a marketing technique, as well as the reasons for it, you will have a much better mindset to deal with the entire manual.

It is noticeable that a lot of plumbers still consider customers as a nuisance, but their clients are vital and should be treated in that context. When you understand why you call clients, ‘clients’ you begin to alter the way you think about your business, and your clients will most likely be happy about it as well.




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